‘blue Bloods’

‘blue Bloods’

Frank’s dad’s father, Charles Reagan, was an Irish immigrant who served in World War I earlier than turning into a police officer. In “Whistle Blower” , Frank mentions his nice-uncle Teddy Reagan, a member of the NYPD Mounted Unit, who spent a cold night time in a boxcar together with his horse, Dolly, and a flask, waking up much later in Pittsburgh. In addition to his kids, Frank can be a loving grandfather to Erin’s daughter, Nicky Reagan-Boyle , and Danny’s two children, Jack and Sean Reagan . It’s revealed in Season 10’s “Family Secrets” that Frank additionally has yet one more grandson, Joseph Hill, the son of Paula Hill, whom Joe Reagan met at the academy.

Frank mentions she is happily married in season 6 when questioned by his former partner Lenny. She subsequently turned pregnant and gave delivery throughout season 7. Having been with Frank for nine years as of season 8’s “Heavy Is the Head”, Baker longs for more active detective work regardless of Frank’s assurances that he wants her and sometimes leans on her detective’s instincts.

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In the season four finale, Peterson tells Commissioner Reagan about her intent to resign, after discovering that she does not have sufficient “professional animosity” toward the NYPD as a result of becoming too close to Frank. Detective 2nd Grade Abigail Baker is a member of the Police Commissioner’s Squad who serves as Frank’s main aide. She was credited in Season 1 as “Det. Melissa Baker”, however was known as Abigail all through the season and the name was changed in Season 2. As mayor, she is aided by Carlton Miller, who is portrayed by Mark Linn-Baker.

Frank revealed at the Reagan Sunday dinner table that Erin’s first job was a cocktail waitress, much to her horror. At the time, she tried to lie and say she was working at a roller rink, however Frank knew higher. She thought he had no idea, however he was a police officer and, besides, nothing gets by the co-head of the Reagan clan. The episode known as “Triumph Over Trauma” and Frank might be assembly with City Council Speaker Regina Thomas after there are new protests towards police brutality. Chief of Department & former Chief of Detectives Ed Hines, NYPD (Ret. 2013) — The highest-rating uniformed police officer; he’s portrayed by John Rue. The Archbishop of New York, Kevin Kearns sometimes comes to Frank for help with delicate matters involving town archdiocese or one of its members.

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His older brother, Peter Christopher Reagan, died of leukemia on the age of 18 months, over a 12 months before Frank was born. NYPD Award of MeritCommissioner Francis Xavier Reagan is portrayed by former Magnum P.I. Over the years she has gotten several job presents for private companies and been thought-about for different positions, similar to Deputy Mayor of Operations and even judgeship. Overall she enjoys the work she does and remains an ADA due to it. Erin attended Columbia University and graduated high of her class before occurring to attend Fordham University School of Law. At one level she had needed to take the police examination, but Frank discouraged her, an motion he later stated he regretted.

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